Small & Large Scale Services

APM Mosquito Control is a large-scale mosquito control contractor and consultant founded in 1996. We believe in providing excellent customer service while utilizing Integrated Mosquito Management programs that are designed to control nuisance and disease vectoring mosquitos while protecting our environment. APM services a variety of clients throughout Michigan’s lower penninsula.

Visit our Request a Quote page to find out more about a one time treatment or program tailored to fit your specific needs. At APM we can provide you with the best mosquito control available, because mosquitoes are all we do.

Large-scale Mosquito Control Program Services include:
Counties, townships, villages, cities, lake & homeowner associations
  • Survey & digital mapping using ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
  • Comprehensive wetland site inspection
  • Adult mosquito population surveillance
  • Aerial and ground-based biological larval mosqutio control
  • Ground based ULV (Ultra Low Volume) adult mosquito control
  • Ground based barrier treatments for adult mosquito control
  • Full mosquito identification & laboratory services
  • Cloud based computer record keeping and database services, integrated with Google Maps
Small-scale Mosquito Control Services include:
Individual homeowners, campgrounds, golf courses, small businesses, industrial sites, parks & trails
  • Residental homeowner maintenance contracts
  • Special event adult mosquito control applications
    • Fairs, concerts, parades & special events
    • Corporate events
    • Outdoor weddings, parties, barbeques, and reunions
  • Adult & larval mosqutio spot treatments

The forms below are used for citizens within our treatment areas to request to be called prior to treatment in the area, for the truck to shut off spraying when we go by their property, or to request off-road treatment of their property.

Please mail your completed application to:

APM Mosquito Control
21240 34 Mile Road
Armada, MI 48005


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